Hi. I'm Declan Murphy.

Physicist, Software Engineer, Developer.

My education is one of a kind

A background in mathematics and physics has provided me with a unique 'first principles' method of approaching problem-solving. Applying this method to programming gives me a mental edge over other developers.

Theoretical Physics

Sept '09 ➜ June '13

4 years in Trinity College, Dublin earned me a Bachelor's degree and a Non-Foundation Scholarship - putting me in the top 2% of academics in the University.

High Performance Computing

Sept '13 ➜ Sept '14

My limited experience with computing software and hardware exploded over the next 12 months into the realms of parallel computing in C and C++.

Present day

Sept '14 ➜

Having begun with lower-level languages like C, learning modern languages is quick and easy. I'm currently a Software Engineer with CarTrawler, writing and debugging Java and SQL daily.

I'm always looking for new projects

In the first 4 weeks since submitting my thesis, I've created my first Android app, my first website, and my first Java code to launch a rocket - all with no prior experience.

  • Saysa


    A soon-to-be Augmented Reality Android/iOS app - currently a fully-functioning camera app.

  • CFD

    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    For my MSc thesis, I wrote a multi-core, multi-threaded CFD package from scratch to solve the Lid-Driven Cavity problem.

  • CandyPOP


    My first venture into the realm of Web Design.

  • Tag Rugby

    Tag Rugby

    I am the captain of Father Tag Crilly, leading us, united, to 3rd- or 5th-place playoffs.

  • Launch Sim

    Rocket Launch Simulator

    The maths and physics meets the code. Original written in C, but currently a Java servlet web app utilizing SQL databases. Available on my GitHub.

Ask the people I've worked with

Contact details on request


Dermot Frost

Manager, Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing (TCHPC)


Jim Carr

Software Engineer & People Manager, CarTrawler Ltd

Let me make stuff for you

I've been known to sit and code rather than go to Copper's. I'm quite dedicated to work. And quite dedicated to not going to Copper's.

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